We aim to make creative games with great gameplay and a spark of wackiness.

We’re a passionate team of techs, creatives, and geeks. Romanian based indie studio, making games since 2013, we cover all aspects of development for pc, mobile, and consoles.

We value personal growth, technical mastery, and continuous learning. We love our players, and we are our players.

When we don’t make games, we laugh, we meditate or play games.

Selected testimonials: “At FaeryDust it’s ok to invent words by mistake, use them in your regular speech and then create an entire game around them". "Sometimes we mock sing pop songs but then they get stuck in our heads and sing them 24/7... weeak“. More to come once free from adult content. Keep watching.

If you have questions, are in need of a hug or wanna high five, get in touch here:

+40 734553514

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